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Dustin Glenna Verdict Cropped

-Commercial building gas explosion / seven digit recovery.

-Property Loss / $651,355.00 jury verdict on commercial loss involving metals. Franklin County.

-Fire Loss, chemical reaction / Seven digit recovery involving commercial facility.

-Natural gas explosion / $550,000.00 settlement. Franklin County.

-Water Damage Property Loss / $516,000.00 settlement as to violations of Ohio Plumbing Code and manufacturer instructions.  Cuyahoga County.

- Product Liability / $462,000.00 in three recent dehumidifier fires (southern, central and western Ohio). 

- Fire Loss / $425,000.00 settlement of agriculture fire loss involving alleged improper use of chemicals by a contractor. Mercer County.

-Product defect / $242,500.00 recovery on dehumidifier fire resulting in house fire. Wayne County.

-Auto Recovery / $350,000.00 after verdict and settlements challenging Sudden Emergency Defense. Stark County, Hamilton County, Ottawa County.

- Fire/ Explosion / $208,903.00 – Natural Gas explosion from well distribution line. Carroll County, Ohio

-Product defect / $130,000.00 recovery on dehumidifier defect resulting in house fire. Harrison County.

-Auto / Multiple Michigan PIP five digit recoveries on losses occurring in Ohio.

-Fire Loss – spontaneous combustion / $210,000.00 – improper discarding of staining rags. Scioto County.

-Negligent Roadside Assistance resulting in vehicle fire / Significant five digit recovery. Summit County.

-Property Loss / Significant five digit recovery from improper venting of dryer. Summit County.

-Fire Loss – Hot Work. $77,500.00 – Violations of NFPA51B as to hot work. Cuyahoga County, Ohio.

-Failure to cap steam line during demolition  project - $82,000.00.  Lake County, Ohio.

-Auto & Property. Multiple substantial vehicle fire recoveries involving manufacturers, dealers, maintenance servicers (including oil change and roadside assistance providers), aftermarket suppliers, including battery manufacturers and distributors, and other defendants. Statewide.

-Multiple five and six digit recoveries involving contractor errors in failure to comply with NFPA 54 (National Fuel Gas Code), NFPA 58 (Liquefied Petroleum Gas Code - propane), NFPA 70 (National Electric Code), NFPA 211 (Chimney & Fireplace Inspections), NFPA 241 & ANSI standards on demolition, ANSI standards & Ohio Building Code as to Excavations (building collapse caused by improper excavation).  

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