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Dustin N. Smith

Dustin N. Smith

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J.D. 2014 Cleveland Marshall College of Law, Cleveland, Ohio

B.S. 2010 Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering (2010)
The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio
Member: OSU Freshman Engineering Honors Program

Extensive course work in:

  • Electrical circuits
  • Structural stress analysis
  • Fluid dynamics
  • Thermodynamics

Academic Engineering Projects (Flight Vehicle Design/Nanotechnology) Project concepts:

  • Structural analysis
  • Propulsion analysis
  • Biofuel selection, stability and control.
  • Design of fluid devices to test surface topology with cell adhesion.


Dustin brings both a passion for the law and an engineering background that makes him a natural fit to the firm’s subrogation property section.

His knowledge and background with electrical circuits, mechanical issues, structural stress analysis, fluid dynamics and themodynamics have made Dustin a valuable asset to the firm’s property subrogation practice. Since joining RMI he has worked on property subrogation cases involving commercial and residential fires, electrical and mechanical failures, water losses, construction defects, structure failures and product liability claims.

Dustin has made an immediate impact on property loss recoveries at RMI participating in a high profile property loss as second chair at trial; multiple scene and forensic lab investigations; and expert depositions. Dustin has played a role in multiple settlements on cases involving complex fire and explosion losses:

  • Second chair - $651,355.00 property verdict.
  • Significant settlements involving electrical fires, product liability claims and water losses.

Scene and forensic examinations, and working technical knowledge of losses involving:

Electrical Fires:

  • NFPA 70 (National Electric Code)

Fires and Explosions (Gas & Propane):

  • NFPA 30 (Flammable and Combustible Liquids Code)
  • NFPA 58 (Liquefied Petroleum Gas Code – ie propane)


  • Ohio Building Code (Structure collapses cases and retaining wall failures)

Water Losses:

  • Multiple cases and settlements involving product failures and installations.
  • NFPA 13 (Sprinkler Installations) and NFPA 25 (Water Based Fire Protection Systems)

Dustin’s engineering background is complimented by a desire to litigate and recover on subrogation cases. He grew up in a legal family, with his father being a long time litigator in Washington County, Ohio. While in college, he worked for a construction company in Columbus, Ohio. Dustin’s unique background in both the legal and engineering fields, and desire to pursue a legal career in the insurance subrogation field make him a valuable addition to RMI’s property practice.

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