Immediate Scene Exams

RMI has participated in hundreds of scene and forensic lab examinations involving fires, explosions, water losses, collapse and construction defect cases. It is not unusual on assignments for our firm to spend days on site ensuring what must be done for a successful recovery.

Through the years we have worked with most experts by trade who work in Ohio, engineers, the state fire marshal’s office, city fire investigators and other government officials. RMI has a proven track record coordinating successful scene examinations that have led to significant six and seven digit recoveries.

RMI has expertise of what must be explored, developed and unearthed at the initial and joint scene examinations, and follow-up forensic lab examinations.

Engaging RMI at the outset will ensure the following:

  • Immediate contact with the insured, assigned field adjuster and expert.
  • Immediate loss site visits and guidance on scene preservation and avoiding spoilation issues.
  • Identifying all potential subrogation targets.
  • Proper and NFPA compliant notice to parties and others impacted by the loss.
  • Working with the people we know after years of experience: fire investigators and other experts, front line adjusters, your subrogation unit, insureds, government officials and property managers.
  • Extensive years of experience in coordinating and working with experts on protocols, layer removal and examination of evidence from fire, explosion and collapse scenes.
  • Guidance to adjusters on the fine line between mitigation of damages and spoliation.
  • Thorough knowledge of the appropriate codes, standards and laws that are relevant to the type of loss. Developing the facts needed for a successful subrogation recovery.

Our firm has been asked to be presenters at numerous industry seminars on proper, safe and successful scene examinations. For after hour losses, the firm has a 24 hour contact on new losses (David Matejczyk / 440-829-7689).