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Automobile Subrogation

Automobile Subrogation

Our success in handling automobile subrogation claims is the result of a careful formula and process involving a thorough knowledge of Ohio law on negligence, coverage and subrogation.

RMI’s roots are planted deep in Ohio automobile subrogation.

It is a history that goes back years. When our firm opened nearly three decades ago a large number of insurers showed their confidence in our counsel by insisting on the transfer of thousands of auto cases from a defense firm. Our clients recognized a passion for subrogation, and it is a passion that has guided us through RMI’s history.

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Early on, our firm recognized that a high volume practice in auto subrogation not only required the latest in technology, but a skilled team committed to efficient and cost-effective recoveries.

It is believed RMI was one of the industry’s first to develop software that was specific to auto subrogation recoveries, including initial demands, pleadings and collection activities. The firm has continually updated its IT to keep abreast with the ever changing landscape of the law and auto subrogation. The firm is also set up for payments via an on-line payment system, which provides instant credit to accounts and immediate reporting data.

Technology is only a part of the formula. The other is people. At RMI, your auto subrogation assignments are handled by attorneys and paralegals/collectors with years of experience. Combining technology with the right team results in maximum recoveries.

In addition, our firm enjoys a Martindale-Hubbel AV Preeminent Rating (since 2008 to present), representing a peer review rating of the highest ethical standards and professional ability.

Our Commitment / Our Process

Each auto subrogation case is assigned to both an attorney and our paralegal team. Files are reviewed for liability, potential third parties responsible beyond the driver (i.e., owners, employers, other insurers) and collection potential.

Our counsel and auto team have unmatched experience in Ohio law, requirements of the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles, medical pay, under and uninsured motorist claims, trucking and heavy equipment regulations, parental liability, rental/loaner car liability, complex coverage issues and recoveries.

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The firm has litigated auto subrogation cases in every municipal and county court in Ohio. In addition, RMI has reported auto subrogation decisions in Ohio appellate courts on such issues as rental/loaner car liability and complex coverage issues. Most recently, the firm challenged longstanding Ohio law on the medical emergency defense resulting in significant settlements.

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RMI is proud to serve as Ohio counsel for national subrogation networks. Networks that forward assignments can be assured that cases will be handled in a cost-effective, efficient manner, seeking maximum recovery by a firm that knows the special nuances of Ohio law.

Members of RMI have presented at multiple seminars, and are frequent guest speakers on auto subrogation at insurance industry conferences. In fact, the first ever training session at the inaugural National Association of Subrogation Professionals (NASP) was on auto subrogation by the firm. Most recently, at the last two annual conferences, members of the firm participated in the anatomy of an auto subrogation trial, issues involving insureds, and future technology as it relates to subrogation in the upcoming decade.

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A registered TPA with Arbitration Forums, RMI offers effective contention writing services.


For more information or to submit an auto subrogaton assignment, please contact Amanda Martanovic This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Glenna Roberts This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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