RMI SETTLES $550,000.00 GAS EXPLOSION CASE: Second large loss gas explosion settlement in back to back months

RMI in back to back months has recovered by way of settlement two significant six digit gas explosion cases.

This past month the firm settled a natural gas explosion that destroyed an insured’s commercial building in Columbus, Ohio. The previous month RMI resolved a residential explosion that completely destroyed a home. On both losses, the firm was retained within twenty-four hours after the explosions.

The $550,000.00 commercial building settlement was very close to the calculated actual cash value of the loss.

Despite being on site immediately, there was “catch up” involved as the gas company had already commenced return to service repairs.

The loss involved a main gas line servicing several city blocks. Luckily, an evacuation of the insured’s building occurred minutes prior to the blast that rocked the downtown area. The blast destroyed the insured’s building and displaced multiple commercial tenants.

“This type of explosion involved issues including the national fuel gas code, excavation/boring, contracts, Ohio Utility Protection Service, and related state regulations and laws,” noted RMI partner David Matejczyk. The experts retained on our client’s behalf did an excellent job working with our office.

The firm spent multiple days on site ensuring proper scene and evidence preservation, initial investigation and documentation with experts immediately retained. The loss involved three separate joint scene examinations. All told, RMI coordinated exams involving 34 parties and representatives of involved or impacted entities and governmental officials.

The firm had a tight deadline to work with given safety, condemnation and demolition orders issued by the local government.

The case was handled by RMI partners David Matejczyk and Glenna Roberts.

The month prior RMI obtained a significant six digit recovery on a residential gas explosion. That case involved servicing issues with respect to NFPA 54.

The residential explosion was litigated by RMI attorneys David Matejczyk and Dustin Smith.