Property Subrogation

Why Are We Different?

  • RMI has litigated substantial subrogation recoveries on virtually every type of property loss. 24/7 Hotline. We are proud that insurers bring our firm in immediately at the time of loss.
  • Immediate contact with the insured, assigned field adjuster and expert. Immediate site visits.
  • RMI has participated in hundreds of scene and forensic lab examinations involving fires, explosions, water losses, roof failures, collapse and construction defect cases. It is not unusual on assignments for our firm to spend multiple days on site to ensure completion of what must be done for a successful recovery.
  • Proven track record and formula that has led to significant six and seven digit recoveries. Coordination of successful scene, joint scene and forensic lab examinations. Extensive experience in working with experts on protocols, debris/layer removal, evidence examination and preservation.
  • Our attorneys include counsel with a construction and engineering background, along with a firm member who has taught product liability at the university level.
  • Working with the people we know after years of experience. RMI has worked with most experts by trade who work in the midwest and Ohio, engineers, the state fire marshal and city fire investigators, building departments and property managers.
  • Extensive experience in product defects and a thorough knowledge of product liability law. The firm has litigated and successfully recovered on product defects involving household appliances, commercial and complex industrial equipment and vehicles.
  • Innovative approaches leading to a successful recovery on products manufactured overseas by quickly identifying domestic designers, suppliers, distributors and sellers. Develop essential facts in discovery to establish liability as to those in the product chain.

RMI knows what must be explored, developed and unearthed at the initial and joint scene examinations, and follow-up forensic lab examinations to ensure successful litigation and resolution.

RMI takes pride in the firm's thorough in-depth knowledge of the relevant standards, codes and law. RMI has successfully recovered on:

  • Electrical fires (NFPA 70 - National Electric Code).
  • Fires and explosions involving gas and propane (NFPA 30 - Flammable and Combustible Liquids Code / NFPA 58 - Liquefied Petroleum Gas Code).
  • Hot Work (NFPA 51B – Standard for Fire Prevention During Welding, Cutting and Other Hot Work).
  • Freeze Failures and Suppression System Matters (NFPA 13 - Installation of Sprinkler Systems / NFPA 25 - Inspection and Maintenance).
  • Construction Defects & Ohio Building Code.
  • Product liability involving domestic and international manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and sellers.
  • The Ohio Plumbing Code.
  • Water losses of all types involving fluid appliances and plumbing installations.
  • Excavation (ANSI/ASSE A10.12) and demolition (ANSI/ASSP A10).
  • Roofing failures and defects (collapse, wind, water and load damage).


Check out our proven track record of recoveries by settlements and trial in multiple areas such as fires, explosions, construction defects, water losses, product liability and other property losses.